Bentlea Virtual Assistance

Get the reliable help you deserve.

Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy you are taking the first steps to find quality help for your business or project.  Hiring a virtual assistant has many benefits, mainly to help you thrive! I have different monthly packages available based on your needs. 

Let’s work together to help you find more time in the day to focus on the big picture, while I take care of the little things that have been adding up quickly.



I am a seasoned professional who believes that it takes teamwork to be successful.  I have a wealth of admin experience and am willing to learn whatever it takes to make you thrive.


My mission is to be a reliable resource for you.  Your success matters.



Rhianna was a life saver when I was in a tight spot with a project that was too much for me to handle alone. She stepped right in and took care of things. She was diligent, reliable, and a joy to work with! I really appreciated her level of communication, she let me know what was going on, asked the questions she needed but also understood my limited availability.

Kim Lundin, Development Manager

Rhianna always has an eye on the big picture and the other eye on the task at hand. She's so natural and makes connections any time, any place. She will not only go the distance but she'll make sure the pathway is made of whichever color glitter your heart desires.

Kate Ortolano, Founder of Radsuccs

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