Hello hello!
I am so happy you stopped by to learn more about me and how I can work for you. I graduated with a degree in theater focusing on Stage Management. Now a lot of people may not know what a stage manager does, and that is kind of the point. The very long story short, if you go to a show and never notice a glitch,  the stage manager is doing their job. They run things behind the stage like clockwork. They know everything from where the actors are to what props need mending. They are the go to hub of communication for actors, directors, designers and crew. They are at every rehearsal, production meeting and show. Their job is to make sure the production team’s vision goes off without a hitch. If they do their job right, the show goes on and people praise the team. If it goes wrong, the stage manager gets the credit.

What is the take away? I was a great stage manager and that has led me to be an excellent assistant. A natural leader who can take charge of a project and can work independently without constant supervision. My goal is to make sure the work gets done for the desired outcome.

My husband and I recently moved to a small costal town, fulfilling a life long dream. Starting my own buisness is another. Let me help you with yours!

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